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 is a professional grade Soduku game capable of generating millions of different Soduku squares.



  • More than 10 million different games.
  • ”Give me a hint” feature that comes to the rescue to help you solve the game.
  • ”Show Solution” button, which shows the solution of the game.
  • You can save, load, and continue games from where you left.
  • A timer to help you keep track of your score.
  • The timer can be paused and resumed in case you leave the game and do something else.
  • Keeps track of the best 10 scores.
  • Customizable colors to suite all tastes.
  • Help right at your finger tips.
Does not need administrative rights for installation



Order online and receive a license by email. (License price is $10USD Per User Per Year)

Sudoku Challenging Puzzels

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